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We are your premier educational resource on cryptocurrencies and anything crypto-related. Our company teaches how to enter the crypto ecosystem safely and begin earning passive income from it.

If you are interested in learning how to earn passive income from Proof of Work mining, Proof of Stake mining, Crypto Lending, Yield Farming, Liquidity Providing, or just want to understand crypto, we have you covered.
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 Knowledge is Power

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AI assistants 

We're the first to use artificial intelligence to help students learn. 

 eBooks are available

Learn the tools used by the world's top professionals.

Live Instructors

Our instructors are always live and ready to help
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Offering over 80 programs

KIP Token

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To test your knowledge, each eBook provides quizzes, tests, assignments, and final exams.


There are certificates and KIP token rewards in each program. 

Binance Yield Farming Programs and Staking Programs

Are you familiar with Yield Farming or Crypto Staking? It provides the opportunity to earn passive income in the range of $0.02 to $100 USD per day, depending on the project and the rates posted. In addition, it provides the opportunity to earn daily transaction fees. 
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Lender Programs 

You will learn how to set up your own manual or automatic crypto lending profile and begin earning from the comfort of your own home. The lender program will teach you how, where, what, when, and why you should begin lending your cryptocurrencies and start earning. 

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Blockchain validating Staking Programs

In contrast to PancakeSwap or SushiSwap, where you can only stake tokens offered on their websites. Staking directly provides the opportunity to earn any crypto token that offers Proof of Stake, better rates, better security, voting rights, helps validate transactions and secure the network. 
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Direct Staking 

 With our direct staking programs, you will learn how to stake on the blockchain directly without using middle sites. These programs are simplified so that no programming knowledge is required. Our artificial intelligence assistant will guide you through the process. 

Would you like some assistance or to speak with someone?

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Live Chat

Join our Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/tgt7eNNTJj

Ambassador Contact

Feel free to contact our ambassadors. They are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.   

Ethereum Network Farming and Staking Projects.

Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain containing smart contract functionality. Explore the world of yield farming and staking within the Ethereum network and discover all the incredible projects it has to offer. 
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Ethereum DeFi Programs

Coming soon.

Crypto Programs

Bring your crypto knowledge to the next level with our programs, which are designed to simplify the understanding of crypto while keeping students engaged with videos, tests and assignments.

Most importantly of all, students can interact with other students through chat rooms and collaborate on crypto projects or assignments.
Remember that with every purchase, you will receive 500 KIP tokens, enabling you to become a liquidity provider and earn 0.17% per day.
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