Knowledge is Power Token

Crypto's first educational token is available only on Binance's smart chain. Visit our KIP token website for more information or to view our whitepaper. 
Become better

10,000,000,000 KIP

Total Supplt




Liquidity Pool



Total Supply

The KIP total supply is set at 10,000,000,000 with a manual burn review occurring every six months


As a reward for holding KIP tokens, 2% of each transaction will be deducted and shared amongst token holders.

Liquidity Pool

Every transaction will contribute 4% to the Liquidity Pool. 


A 2% tax will be imposed on all transactions in an attempt to stop wale dumping. However, the true purpose is to raise funds for charitable causes

Some benefits of KIP token

A complete negotiation education program starts with private lessons.

Private Learning

Private crypto lessons can only be purchased by KIP token holders. 

50% 0ff products

KIP tokens can be used to purchase educational materials. 

Liquidity Provide

Earn daily fees as a liquidity provider on PancakeSwap. 

How to purchase KIP token

 You will need a Wallet in order to purchase KIP tokens. Our recommendation is to use the Trust Wallet, as it is the most compatible with KIP tokens. Please download the wallet from the link provided.

Download Trust Wallet

We guarantee you an exceptional experience with flexible learning paths and professional guidance.

Buy directly from us

If you have never purchased a token previously. It is the simplest and most secure method to buy directly from us. Payment should be made through PayPal. Coins will be deposited within four hours of purchase. 


You can also purchase KIP tokens on pancakeSwap. In order to purchase KIP, you must have BNB and the correct contract.

Frequently asked questions

What is Knowledge is Power token?

Please visit our site where you will find out whitepaper. 

I have completed my KIP PayPal purchase, however I have not received my tokens.

Please email and provide your order number.

How to I receive my rewards?

You will receive a 2% reward automatically deposited into your account. If you are providing liquidity, you must cash out on your own. 

Can I sell my KIP Token?

Yes, you may sell, trade, and hold your KIP token. Most students use KIP to purchase courses and wait for the value to increase before selling their KIP tokens.
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