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General Portfolio

Your general portfolio consists of tokens that were bought at the beginning of your crypto journey. You have also used these tokens as an investment in crypto lending. The tokens are still in your possession, and you may request a withdrawal at any time. 
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Lender Portfolio

On the platform where your smart contract is registered, Aave tokens are the main currency used to pay lenders. Your token will be deposited monthly into your lender account and can be withdrawn after your smart contract has expired. For information on your withdrawal eligibility, please see your due date. You can find your annual review below. 

Withdraw Funds

In order to withdraw funds please have your Meta Mask wallet ready. 
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Hi Amber | Don't forget to create your own private wallet

I would like to invite you to click on the following link to download Meta Mask and create your own private wallet.

The wallet will provide you with a secret phrase consisting of 12-24 words, so please write it down and keep it safe. DO NOT SHARE IT with anyone. Your secret phrase will never be requested by anyone at Crypto Bankers or Crypto Academy. To your right is a video explaining how to create a wallet. 
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 Network Name: Smart Chain
New RPC URL: https://bscdataseed.binance.org/
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:



Wallet Registration 

First Name
Recieveing Wallet Address
E-mail address
Thank you!

Benefits of KIP Token

Purchase KIP Token on PancakeSwap or Cardano Network and start earning.

Become a Liquidity Provider

You can earn 0.17% on daily transactions by LP KIP/BNB plus daily rate offered.   

Stake in our Cardano
KIP Pool

The KIP token is also on the Cardano network. KIP holders can participate in our Cardano staking pool and earn ADA Token monthly.

Receive discounts at Crypto Academy Canada

Get 50% off any crypto program when you use our KIP token.

Farm with KIP Token

KIP holders will soon be able to farm with their tokens and earn high yield interest.   

Frequently asked questions

Why do I not see any coins in my wallet?

 To open your first crypto lending account, individuals who become lenders, Crypto Bankers used your coins as collateral. All tokens remain your property, and you can withdraw them whenever you want. 

Can I withdraw my lending earnings?

 Depends on your lending contract. Please contact your representative for more information. Lending smart contracts are based on a one-year term, which also ensures the most competitive rate available. Payout can be requested 60 days before maturity.   

Network fees are paid by who?

 Crypto Banker no longer offers payouts upon withdrawal; you are responsible for all network fees.   

How to purchase Knowledge is Power Token?

Binance Smart Chain: Currently KIP token can be purchased on PancakeSwap or Egg Swap. Our contract is listed upon. 

Cardano Network: Pleas email us directly to purchase KIP token on Cardano network. 

In what currency will I be paid out?

As Bitcoin is more widely accepted, it is highly recommended that you sell all tokens into Bitcoin first before cashing out. Your payout will be made in your local currency when trading Bitcoin. If you sell in Canada, you will receive Canadian funds. With the KIP token, holders have access to direct bank deposits with special rates.  

What happens when my smart contract expires?

In Crypto Bankers, you can reinvest whatever amount you think is safe. We will notify you 60 days before expiration when your contract is up for renewal. There are two options for cashing out: all or half, and reinvesting again. 

Is crypto lending risky?

Investing is risky, and at Crypto Bankers we do our best to minimize the risks and ensure investors keep earning. However, the crypto market is quite volatile and uncertain. Lending cryptocurrencies does carry some risk. For more information, please visit our program Crypto Lending.  

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