We're launching our native token Knowledge is Power soon.

It's no secret that the cryptocurrency market is booming, but there are no educational options yet. With the launch of our native token, the first educational token on Binance Smart Chain and Cardano Network, we want to change that.
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It’s no secret that eLearning
is taking the world of education by storm.
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Liquidity Pool

KIP Token use case?

There are multiple uses for our token, but its primary use will be to purchase Crypto Academy programs.

50% discount 

Get 50% off any crypto course at Crypto Academy

Pay Setup Fees

 Pay your setup fees with KIP tokens and receive an additional 5% discount

Purchase Private Lessons

Private crypto lesions can only be purchased with KIP tokens 

Live Workshops

KIP tokens are the only tokens that give you access to live crypto workshops. 

LP KIP Token

With KIP, you can earn daily and provide liquidity.

Crypto Insurance

You can purchase crypto insurance using KIP tokens and receive 5% off

Holders of KIP tokens get rewards

As a reward 2% of each transaction will be deducted and shared amongst token holders. 
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Our Tax

A 2% tax will be imposed on all transactions in an attempt to stop whale dumping. However, the true purpose of the 4% tax is to raise funds for charitable causes.

Liquidity Providing 

Each KIP transaction is subject to a 4% fee, which is added to the liquidity pool.
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From the tax we collect we will use the funds to donate to educational institutions. Community members will have the right to vote where donations go. We will hire a PR firm to help with full implementation. 
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Fiat Purchases

Every time someone buys educational materials, they're automatically rewarded with a certain amount of KIPs. Furthermore, 10% of every fiat sale will go to funding the liquidity pool. 
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