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As part of my strategy for helping you earn passive income with cryptocurrencies, I first would like to discuss your goals and what you would like to achieve. Depending on your needs, I can help you establish a solid crypto portfolio and expand your crypto knowledge.
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The process of figuring out where to begin or how to invest and earn passive income from cryptocurrencies can be very challenging. Due to my personal experience with cryptocurrencies, I decided to use my expertise and join Crypto Academy Canada to help others enter the ecosystem and start earning passive income in a safe and secure manner. I provide my services free of charge, and you will also receive these amazing benefits.

10% off all programs

Over 60 crypto programs are offered by Crypto Academy Canada, each with AI assistance, eBooks, live instructors, tests, exams and so much more.

Crypto insurance of up to $1,000

Enjoy complimentary crypto insurance, which protects you against scammers, loss of value, and theft of funds. 

1,000 KIP Tokens

Earn 0.17% daily from transaction fees, and 2% for holding or purchasing crypto programs at Crypto Academy Canada by simply receiving 1,000 Knowledge is Power tokens. 

Special crypto rates

Get access to special crypto rates starting at 80% APY or APR.

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